Latex care

Simple care rules will keep latex products in good condition for a long time. New latex products are stored dusted with talcum powder. Before the first putting on, it is necessary to wash the product from talcum powder or shampoo. The dried product is rubbed from the inside with a latex polish, or the body can be rubbed to make it easier and faster to put on latex.

Pull the product gently, being careful not to snag the material with your nails, rings, or other sharp objects.

To add a shine to the outer surface of the product, polish it. Apply a small amount of polish and rub evenly with your hands or a sponge. After use, wash the garments by hand on the outside and inside out in warm water, rinse them gently and hang them up to dry, turning them inside out first, and after a while back. After rinsing, the polish partially remains on the product and does not allow it to stick together. It is necessary to store latex products at room temperature, preferably on hangers in a hanging position, because during prolonged storage folded on latex, creases can form on the latex, in a place not accessible to ultraviolet rays (sun, ultraviolet lamps). Gloves, stockings, socks, etc. can be hung on soft clothespins with closed surface up. Do not leave in front of heaters or open fire. Latex is not intended to be washed in any type of washing machine and dried with any hair dryer. Never use oils and fats such as petroleum jelly, etc., as they can damage the material. The use of cleaners and solvents is not recommended. Avoid contact of latex with any copper compounds, as the latex may rust. Avoid touching any metal or jewelry that could damage the latex.

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